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Want to Network computers, printer and want to work in every department of your company without moving an inche ?

At FOLB INFO LIMITED, our technicians from Computer Network Services, provide your solution. We have the experience to identify your needs.

As a full-service company, we pride ourselves on cost-effective solutions for all companies, large and small. Computer Network Services provides sales, installation, service, and ongoing network maintenance and support for:
• Computer Networks       • File Servers       • PCs       • Notebooks       • Router & Firewalls       • Data Storage & Backup Systems       • Printers       • Application Software       • Remote Access Solutions

At FOLB INFO LIMITED, our network support capabilities provide assurance that your IT network problems will be a thing of the past. As your network support company, we will completely eliminate the stress that normally accompanies resolving network related issues.

We design, install and support advanced solutions that enable your / your organization to enhance business productivity.

We provide professional network support / services. In addition to our onsite services, we provide you / your company with company / house diagnostics and repair, remote support and 24/7 preventative monitoring.

Our extensively experienced, competent and knowledgeable staff meets the information technology planning, design, implementation, maintenance and management requirements of both single and multi-tiered networks.

Our competent experience, technicians and support personnel can quickly resolve your network, software, or hardware issues. This will save you money because we have the knowledge to identify and fix on the spot. Our remedies are soundly based on years of experience in designing solutions for business.

With our 24/7 customer support services, immediate response is guaranteed and we'll stay focused on your needs until the problem has been resolved. Our strength in Computer Networking supports and services includes:

Staff Support
We’ll augment your current IT staff and provide deep technical expertise at a rate more affordable than adding more staff

Risk Minimization
When your IT staff is unavailable, we can immediately resolve many IT problems. Use us as your emergency staff and always have IT help available.

Efficiency Optimization
Regular maintenance and system health reviews reduce downtime and increase the overall efficiency of your network. A thorough IT audit can reduce, if not eliminate, the expense of future infrastructure outages.

Let us be the expert IT department for your organization.