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FOLB INFO LIMITED is a full-service and into multi-disciplinary Brand & Identity development that develops strategies & brands. We create print, broadcast and interactive campaigns — including web-based and social media initiatives.

When it comes down to it, brand strategy is business strategy. If your brand is crafted strategically and implemented consistently, it differentiates your market positioning to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a bit of magic to it. A strong brand is alchemy, combining marketing smarts with emotion and feeling. It transforms a commodity of near-similar features and benefits into a differentiated product of demand and desire. Ultimately, it’s intangible—and it’s those intangibles that are the most powerful differentiators. After all, how do you copy intangible?

At FOLB INFO LIMITED, we help companies build brands to establish market leadership, create loyalty among customers, deliver a higher price against me-too competition, and produce a long-term asset through sustainable competitive advantage.

The agency is a marketing + design collective comprised of strategists, producers, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters, musicians and other industry professionals.

We design brands for new startups and products and evolve brands for existing companies that are looking to change with the times, maintain relevance with new audiences, or reestablish brand dominance.

Our primary brand development focus is helping companies that are delivering profitable social impact in food and beverage, health and well-being, and sustainable technology.

These companies hire us to create a brand culture that fosters clarity, consistency, and distinctive character. We believe this is best done in three ways:

Keep it simple: With all the brands out there screaming for attention, clean design and simple ideas stand out. We are fans of simplicity.

Keep it human: Contrary to what most people think, decision-making happens in the emotional centers of our brains. White space is great, but if you do not connect on an emotional level, you will be forgotten.

Keep it interesting: People are programmed to notice differences. In the age of me-too brands, it pays to be the one that is not like the others.